07 November 2011

16 months and counting...

2 months in braces today, yeee
It does not feel that long AT ALL, to be honest I can't remember not having them now haha.
In 16 months time I should be surgery ready. WOW.
If the last two months have gone that fast i'll be in surgery in no time and saying goodbye to this pesky over/open bite.
Also, even though my wire strength got upped when I was at the OD 2 weeks ago and this was the 'real test' for my weak teeth, nothing has broke off yet! (touch wood) I am so happy about that I can't describe, my teeth are actually co-operating for once!

General life update for anyone who cares:

I'm at university about 160 miles away from home and I. LOVE. IT. Moving away is the best thing i've ever done, i've met so many new people already and I'm enjoying being able to party until I drop and not wash up and not make my bed every day without getting nagged.
And do work (!!!) obviously, after all I am studying for a degree.
I'm also pleased with the fact I got my braces before I started here so everyone who knows me knows me with braces. Life is good :)