20 October 2013

Pre-surgery appointments and PRE OP PHOTOS

I've met with my surgeon twice in the past month for my final appointments before I'm admitted to hospital. The first appointment was with two assistants who asked me all the general health questions and stuff as well as taking some blood. They also sent me for several x-rays and took impressions of my bite. The impressions are so the surgical technician can make my wafers that will be fitted while my operation takes place.

The second appointment was with my surgeon and every time I meet this guy I feel more and more at ease. He talked me through exactly what will happen next month and estimates the operation will only take 2 and a half to 3 hours! He said that the surgery will fix my bite at the front but will probably open it back up at the sides, but assured me this isn't a problem as it can be fixed with orthodontics later.

I'm so excited for my surgery now and just want it over with. I've had my braces on for 25 months already with little to no progress in my teeth movement for the past 6!

Here are my pre-op photos (just taken by myself, I'll be posting the official hospital ones as soon as I get my hands on them!)