13 September 2012

finally an adjustment! and some other things...

Firstly I can't believe i've been in braces for OVER A YEAR! Crazzzzy.

Moving on to today, I was finally given a new wire :) yay! Also my OD has gone off on long term sickness :( so i've been moved over to someone else. Luckily he knows all my history, as he put it i'm an 'interesting case' so hopefully I won't be moved around any more. I definitely prefer having one person do all my treatment, you feel like they know you and can accommodate for your needs better than some random person.

I had some moulds (molds?) taken, I hate that purple gunk so much, gets caught in all the wrong places. I also had it all over my face - attractive - and was kindly given a tissue and a mirror so I could clean myself up before I left. The OD said they're going to have a look and see how everything is lining up. If it's all looking good then it's time to start planning my surgery!!!!!!!! I am so excited!

Hopefully buying a new camera tomorrow so photos should be up soon, i'm really bad at taking them