26 January 2014

Week 8 (Day 58)

Just a short little update! 

Energy-wise, i'm completely back to how I was before the surgery. I'm eating pretty much anything (within reason, obviously) and as for swelling i'm not entire sure, some days I definitely feel more puffy than others!

I wish I could see my surgeon but i've got another month to wait before I do. I can't believe that Wednesday marks my two month anniversary!

The only other thing to report is I think my lip is regaining some feeling finally! I've had enough of the dead lip and if I got the feeling back there I would be very very happy. Still completely numb on the left side of my chin only which is strange

Taken on my webcam. I still have a lopsided smile!

15 January 2014

Six weeks

(This was supposed to of published on the 10th! Stupid technology)

I went to my orthodontist yesterday and got the fabulous news that I don't need to wear elastics anymore :D he's really pleased with the way my bite is so I'm back to regular braces again!

I got a few brackets removed and replaced on the right side of my mouth - the brackets have been moved down in order to push the teeth up and make my gumline more straight. He also told me to keep building my chewing up :) I'm so happy! I'm not going back for six weeks so I hope everything holds up while I go back to university! I'm so excited to get my life back!

Before and after 

Biting down, relaxed lips - they still don't meet but they're definitely getting there

Went for a meal and drinks with my friends last night and had carbonara and cocktails! yum

02 January 2014

Day 34 (week five)

Happy new year! 

I celebrated by going to a house party with a few friends. We all got very merry and I did no harm to my new face which I was very pleased about!

Eating wise, I've been doing some chewing (but nothing too extreme). I can manage pasta no problem as long as I chop it in half. Anything I realise is too hard once it's gone in my mouth I tend to swallow whole. I can open my mouth two fingers width now.

My numbness has still been exactly the same (bottom lip and upper part of my chin). However tonight when I was eating I kept thinking I had a hair on my lip when I didn't which I'm going to take as a sign! I get a lot of pins and needles in these areas.

I'm still wearing rubber bands at night only but it's really starting to make my teeth sore in the mornings - I'm going to ask my orthodontist about this next week. I also have really bad pain in my teeth when I brush but I think this might be because I bought myself a posh electric toothbrush at the weekend and my mouth isn't used to it yet! Oh and the remaining stitches are really irritating me so I think I'll ask to get them taken out next week as my ortho said he was allowed!

1 month post op

Day 34 and I can do a (lopsided) duck face again!