13 September 2013

Dates and some more info

I went to the orthodontist yesterday. My mam came with me as she had a lot of questions (her main concern being how much time she needs to take off work).

I have two appointments with my surgeon, one on the 23rd of this month and one on the 3rd October. This is to determine exactly how my jaw will be moved during the operation. I also need to be measured and fitted for wafers which will guide my surgeon as to the position of my teeth during surgery.

I also have a final pre-surgery appointment with my ortho to fit surgical hooks onto my braces, and this is on the 26th November. I'm being admitted to hospital two days later, stopping overnight on the 28th ready for my operation on the 29th.

After my op i'll need tlc for 10 days minimum (as estimated by my ortho). However, he thinks i'll bounce back rather quickly which I hope is the case! I'm missing the last four weeks of university before Christmas but should be able to return in January. He also said he can start doing orthodontist work again six weeks after the operation.

My orthodontist estimates about 6 months in braces post surgery. During my recovery period I'll also be seeing my prosthodontics dentist who will be fitting me with a shiny new set of veneers once the braces are off. I'm going to Florida on the 23rd June next year so I think i'll be pushing for this whole episode to be done and dusted with by then!

10 September 2013


I have a date. I actually HAVE A DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In typical fashion though it's at the worst time... the day before my 21st birthday.

I got an out of the blue phone call yesterday morning from a nurse at the hospital saying the 29th November was my surgery date. She also explained that due to the waiting list if I don't take this date I have to wait until at least after the New Year and that it could be months away. I rang my mam and dad and they both think I should go for it. So thats what I'm doing!
I'm still in shock. I thought this thing would never get booked. I have an appointment with my ortho on Thursday so I'll write another post with dates of my PRE-SURGERY APPOINTMENTS!!!!!!!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel guys, just hang in there!

79 days until surgery!