27 December 2013

Day 28 (FOUR WEEKS!)

Another ortho appointment today! He said I was still healing well. I was a bit corncerned as I woke up on Christmas Eve morning and - to me at least despite reassurance from my stepdad - my bite had shifted a lot. However, my orthodontist said although it had moved it was by the tiniest bit and I still only have to wear my elastics at night :) I also told him I still feel I look swollen and he was all 'really? I think you look great!' but reassured me that it's only been 4 weeks since the op and there's still plenty of time for swelling to dissipate.

In regards to my treatment the next step is to reposition some brackets on my top teeth so they're moved up, which will make the gumline more aesthetically pleasing. When he was talking about this he was saying 'final tooth positions' a lot which makes me think I could have these braces off soon! I was too scared to ask though in case I was dissapointed with the answer! I'm going to ask next time (in two weeks) and as long as he says we're still on track for June I'll be very happy! also said he'd talk to the dentist concerned with my veneers (see my previous posts if you have no idea what I'm on about) to see what is going to happen after the braces come off. 

I'll do eating updates etc on my one month post op blog on Sunday!

20 December 2013

Three weeks!

I've just got back from an ortho appointment. It took an hour! I told him the hooks were digging into my lips and now I'm getting some feeling back they were quite painful. So he tried to cut them off without removing my archwire or any of my modules which didn't work. He then took the archwires out and I lost about 5 brackets including one composite! So he had to fashion me half a new tooth with composite, cure that, then replace 5 brackets. He thinks they've probably been loose since the surgery. I got a new softer wire for my bottom teeth and my orthodontist said we can start focusing on getting my teeth really straight for the final result now! So I'm experiencing the old adjustment toothache that I haven't had for a while.

Moving on to my bite he's really happy with how I'm doing. Apparently I've shifted half a mm to the right but he said it actually looks better that way as my chin is central rather than my teeth (if that makes sense). It doesn't bother me at all that my midlines are off and the orthodontist doesn't seem to mind either so I'm not going to worry about it.

In other news, I've been upgraded to only wearing elastics at night! I've also been given less tight ones which you can see below. Also I'M ALLOWED TO START CHEWING!!!!!! Obviously I've got to start with really soft stuff but I'm over the moon because I can start expanding on what food I eat and I don't have to purée my christmas dinner next week!

New elastics - my old ones had a 4oz force 

Diagram which shows how my teeth should stay - if the bottom starts veering left I should wear the elastics more. Unless that happens I wear two on the left side and one on the right nightly.

19 December 2013

Day 20

Some stuff to report in the last 10 days:

  • I am now changing my elastics myself - the ortho said once a day but i'm doing it twice (i.e. when I brush my teeth). I wear one on the right side and 2 on the left during the day/3 at night. I'm just using a pair of tweezers to hook them on and its become easier the more I do it
  • Saw my surgeon yesterday and i'm not allowed out on New Years Eve in case I get my face hit :( I suppose I was being rather optimistic as i'll only be a month post op then - but i'm a party girl and I'm really starting to miss going out! I can drink just not head to a crowded club, which makes sense. On the plus side i'm saving money by not spending it on alcohol (ha)
  • He also didn't give me a straight answer about when I could start going out (drinking) again, and just said it takes 3 months before you can do contact sports again. Hmm.
  • I think most of the 'surgery' swelling has gone now but I definitely still have some residual swelling there.

And the rest...


No changes - i'm still on soft food. Was supposed to ask my surgeon yesterday when I can start chewing again but I was too distraught about not being able to go out! I'll be asking my orthodontist tomorrow.


I don't need to update on my sleeping anymore as its completely back to normal :)


Again, no more updates on this section as I am medication free! I take two ibuprofen if i'm in pain (rarely)


Before I fell asleep last night my lower lip was tingling for the first time! I was so excited. I still can't feel my upper chin/bottom lip but i'm used to it now. I have tingling/burning sensations around the numb areas 24/7 which is promising. I can also feel the surgical hooks digging into my bottom lip again so the wax is back on which makes my lip look way fatter than it is

And just a quick question: if you're post-op when did you start exercising again? I'll probably leave it until I go back to uni (when I'll be 5 weeks after) and i'm hoping to get back to the gym. Thanks :)

Day 0/Day 2/Day 7/Day 14

Day 19 (in my dressing gown AGAIN)

09 December 2013

Days 8-10

The last few days I've been feeling more and more like myself. I can taste the normality! Swelling is still going down daily which I LOVE - I get a new face every day! 


Now I just ask my mam or dad to blend whatever they're eating. It always looks gross but tastes yummy. For example, I've been eating curries and casseroles that have been stuck in the food processor. This makes me feel more normal as I'm eating exactly what my family are :) 


I AM SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! I've slept all the way through for about 3 nights now. I find I'm a lot more 'awake' when I wake up (if you get my drift) and I have more energy though the day.


Today is my last day of antibiotics. I'm still taking 10ml of ibuprofen and 2 paracetamols morning and night.


My mouth gets tired if I talk too much. It also feels pretty achey by the end of the day which is why I'm still taking meds before I sleep. I'm still waking up in pain in the morning but it's very tolerable.

Numbness: I think my chin is slightly less numb? It seems to be gaining more sensation in the left side first (incidentally the least swollen side)

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

I took some better photos today as I'm actually making the effort to look presentable again. I'll post before and after comparisons soon!

06 December 2013

Days 6/7: Appointments

I am one week post-op! Hurrah for me!

I feel a lot better than I did on Wednesday regarding both my jaw and how I feel in myself. Saw both my surgeon and ortho yesterday and they are very pleased with how I'm doing! My ortho even said I'm the 'poster girl' for amelogenesis, ha!

I also got to see my X-Ray! I have one metal plate on each side of my face held in with two screws. Sadly I have to request for a copy of them so I will post those as soon as I get my hands on them.

Another interesting fact - when the surgeon tried to break my jaw it sort of 'bounced back' due to my elastic bones and instead he had to tap the sections of bone out bit by bit!


Still on soup. Luckily for me my mam took the week off to keep and eye on me which means she has time to make her own soup - I had butternut squash for lunch today :) she is also making me milkshakes with ice cream in which are delicious!


I woke up about 3am Thursday morning with really bad stomach pains. Woke my dad up because I was quite worried about it but he thinks it's because I've been taking a lot of medication on little food. Thank god the pain lasted 10 mins and was gone again! Last night I woke up briefly and fell asleep again. Still waiting for a full nights sleep!


Still on all the same as my last post however I have upgraded my paracetamol to tablet form! Wahoo!


Definitely going down. I took some meds at 8am this morning then didn't need any more until 3pm :)


I have major tingles in the middle of my chin as I type this. I also get the sensation of something hot running from the left side of my lip now and again. Lips still completely numb.

I also got my elastic bands changed on Thursday which meant I was able to give my teeth a proper brush. It was heavenly! I'm seeing my orthodontist weekly for the next month now to try and get my bite to stay where it's supposed to. Apparently my midlines are 1/2 a mm out on the bottom but he said he can work with it :) 

 Day 6

Day 7 - I am slowly getting a chin back!

04 December 2013

Days 4&5: Frustration

After getting home on Monday I was looking forward to relaxing and trying to recover. Things have been frustrating and I've had a few crying bouts (typical girl). I've categorised things to make it easier and this will probably be my blog format for a while:


I officially hate food. Mealtimes require all my energy and I'm sick of looking at mushed up crap. I want pizza. I want a steak. I don't weight myself often but I think I've lost about 5 pounds already. I know I need to seriously up my intake but it's too much effort


Getting better. I slept through till 4 this morning and had to take some codeine when I woke up, then I feel asleep again until 9am. However, the smallest tasks feel like total exertion and this is probably down to my lack of nutrition at the minute


Currently I'm taking 20ml of paracetamol and ibuprofen every 4 hours (through a syringe) and 10ml of antibiotics morning noon and night. I also have codeine for when the pain is particularly bad but I haven't had to use much of that yet


It's been on and off. I'm definitely getting more pain in the left side of my face and when it starts it's horrendous, running from my ear all the way down. It also hurts on that side when I swallow. My right side feels more stiff though, especially when I open my mouth


I have zero feeling in my bottom lip and most of my chin. However the middle of my chin is rather tingly so that's a very good sign! The tip of my tongue is also numb.

And that's everything. I think a stitch came out when I was doing my hygiene routine this morning but there was no bleeding so I'll take it as a good sign. I'm going to see both my surgeon and orthodontist tomorrow so I'll have a better idea of timescales and things. I just hope the time goes quickly because I WANT TO EAT

 Day 4

Day 5

03 December 2013

Days 1-3 post-op and MY 21ST

Following from my last post, my night in HDU wasn't the best sleep i've ever had. I was given morphine and a pain button so I could self-administer and I woke up every single hour of the night. My pain wasn't too bad but the morphine helped me drift back off to sleep so I kept using it.

When I woke up properly at about 6am I remembered it was my birthday! So when my mam and auntie came to visit at 11am the nurses came over with a cake and sang Happy Birthday to me!

The nurses in this unit were the best. As soon as I woke up they asked me if I wanted to try and sit up which I definitely took advantage of. The only thing they took out was my catheter so I was still wired up to morphine, saline, heart monitor etc (hence the wires).

After this photo I was asked if I wanted to try and eat something and since I didn't have elastic bands on at this point I enjoyed chopped up lasagne and I EVEN ATE SOME BIRTHDAY CAKE! That was a proud moment for me. I was transferred back to the ward at 3pm where I opened my presents and cards from family.

Days 2 and 3 were basically the same with limited mouth movement and a lot of painkillers. My surgeon came to see me yesterday morning to check all was well - apart from my 'rubber bones' the only issue is my second molar on the left hand side hasn't got much support from the jaw anymore so I might lose that but everything else went well. The bands went on on day 2 and I have NOT been enjoying those, but I've been preserving with a plastic spoon and mushed up anything food wide because I think I might throw up if I have any more soup! Other than that I've been trying to stay hydrated and positive which is hard when even the smallest actions tire you out.

Some photos to recap:
Just after I got my elastics - this was day 2 I think

Side view and NO OVERBITE!

Day 3 smile attempt!

I am like a human pin cushion after my stay in hospital :(

Day 3 - relaxed face and lopsided mouth! 

I came home last night which was a godsend but more about day 4 (today) later :) I'm getting there!


Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I only got discharged from hospital at about 6pm last night.

I'm now day 4 post-op but i'll make another post about the three days following surgery.

So, where to begin? My stay in hospital began on the 28th (last Thursday). I checked into my ward and was sent straight to the maxillofacial department (max-fax from here on) to meet with my surgeon. To be honest I got upset as soon as I saw the wards full of people in hospital beds - I was completely overwhelmed with everything that was happening. Anyway, I saw my surgeon and he completely reassured me, for some reason when I see him he always cheers me up! He checked that my wafer fitted (it did) and sent me on my way. Why I had to stay in hospital that night I have no idea. I got no sleep and my last chewable meal was a hospital chicken dinner - absolutely disgusting!

The next morning was surgery day. My dad came in at 9am with my mam following shortly after. I was told my operation was scheduled for 11.50am. However, my surgeon had decided I would be put straight into high dependency (aka HDU - a step below ICU) after the op for one night as he'd been working around my airway to make sure I was being checked on constantly (you get one nurse to every two patients). We waited and waited (and waited!) and 11.50 came and went and I remember not being nervous at all - I just wanted the bloody thing done with! Finally, a ward nurse came over at about 1pm and said a bed was ready for me in HDU and that I could get ready for theatre. I stripped off, gowned up and I was ready to go!

The surgeon had told my parents the op should only take about two hours. Instead, it took four. Apparently people with amelogenesis imperfecta can also have 'rubbery bones' which are more difficult to fracture. My mam and dad didn't actually get to see me until 7pm so they were relieved to finally see me!

I don't remember much after waking up to be honest. The first thing I remember is being wheeled down a corridor, then nothing until I was picked up and moved to the HDU bed from my stretcher. Then nothing until I threw up a load of blood down myself (attractive). I was completely gone - look at my eyes on this photo!
This was about 2/3 hours post-op when I had all kinds of wires and tubes sticking out of me. My mouth looked like dracula at one point but they gave me this suction tube which I could use to get all the goop out of my mouth!