18 May 2013

day 4 post wisdom teeth removal - this freaking sucks!

it's 3am and I've now been awake 40 minutes in agony. I really really hope I haven't got the dreaded 'dry socket', but I got stitched up so that can't happen, right? I've taken 2 paracetamol since I woke up but that's just made me feel sick in addition to being in pain
This is awful. 

15 May 2013

wisdom teeth removal

hi guys, sorry I haven't posted in forever.
I thought I was due to get my wisdoms out last month but it ended up being today! I only got the bottom 2 out as I'm only having surgery on my bottom jaw.
I'm swollen and sore right now but wanted to get the post up :) also be prepared for the no makeup double chin pic at the end!
I went to the hospital at half 8 and went in for the op about 10am. I had my mam and stepdad waiting with me but I decided to go to the theatre by myself because my mam would probably of got me more worried than I needed to be!
The anaesthetist was a really nice man who kept me calm as getting put to sleep was the bit I didn't like. Also I've got veins that are not very prominent so I was worried about him sticking a needle in a million times to try and find a good one.
Anyway, I gets in there and they take by blood pressure, stick a heart monitor thing on my finger and he puts the needle in (no magic cream anymore because I'm an 'adult'. boo!) Then they put an oxygen mask on me and I did not like that bit at all, it was just oxygen but still I felt like I was going to die or something! The guy went right this is going to make you a bit dizzy then we'll put you to sleep, injected me with this stuff that made me feel warm and a bit fuzzy but nice. It was so strange, I felt so much calmer and I'm pleased they give you it rather than just putting you to sleep. I remember going 'this feels really weird' then the anaesthetist said 'right you'll fall asleep in about 10-15 seconds' and I was out for the count.
Woke up with the stupid mask on, and for some reason I thought I was back at university and I had woke up still completely drunk after a night out, tried to take either the mask or the heart rate thing off (can't remember which) twice and I kept getting told off hahah. Then I realised I was in recovery :') I rang my dad later and told him he found it hilarious.
Saw my surgeon just before they discharged me (not even an hour after I'd woke up which was good!) and he said it went fine they just had a bit of trouble wobbling them to get them out as they were so far under the gumline. And that was it.
Recovery wise it hasn't been too bad so far. I got a bit emotional when I got home (typical girl) but all in all it's done now so I'm pleased. I had numbness for about 3 or 4 hours but I have all my feeling outside my mouth back, not so sure about inside as its just sore. Ive had some soup, icecream and loads of cups of tea (not boiling) but I can tell chewing will be off the cards for a few days at least yet, time will tell. Some swelling and pressure and I feel like that will be worse tomorrow. A little bleeding (including a nosebleed due to the tube they put up there) but nothing major. Also I feel sick which could be due to the amount of medication ive took on little food. And that is it!

Sorry for rambling on but I hope this was helpful for anymore preparing to get their wisdoms out before surgery. Any questions just ask :)

And now the post-op photo! Goodnight!
Yay chipmunk cheeks!