17 December 2011

second adjustment

I saw two of my dental 'team' yesterday, firstly Dr Ellis my prosthodontist who works on the appearance of my teeth i.e. my composites (since my teeth aren't very good - check my first post for details). She just gave me a look-over and told me I was doing fine with my brushing which was great :)
Then I went downstairs to see my ortho. She was extremely pleased that none of my brackets had come loose and moved me onto a new wire! I'm sore today but I really don't care, i'm so pleased everything is working as it should do. I got lilac ligs (shamelessly, because my nails are lilac at the minute and I wanted them to match - such a girl).
Unfortunately I left my memory card at uni and i'm home for a month for the holidays so I won't be able to post pictures until I get back on January 16th, but I can tell you that things are looking good, especially those teeth at the front. Dr Ellis even mentioned the possibility of not having surgery.. I was amazed at that! However if surgery is going to give me a better result then I 100% want it, firstly because it's covered by the NHS so I won't have to pay a penny, and also because I think now i've got the braces I might as well go all the way and get my jaw fixed too.
Merry Christmas to all my braced blogger friends!

07 December 2011

time is flying by!

3 months in braces today! wowza. My appointment got moved from December 23rd to the 16th which i'm happy about, if there's going to be pain i'd rather it wasn't on Christmas day!
Hang in there everyone, remember this is just a small chapter in our lives :)

01 December 2011

braced-up birthday (the first of three?)

So yesterday was my 19th birthday and also my first birthday with tinsel teeth! I had a great day, I went to Manchester for the night with my housemates to see some nightlife :) Braces didn't stop me from eating 3 slices of birthday cake in one go!
It was sort of weird being away from my family and friends for the first time ever on my birthday but i'm going home in two weeks for Christmas so I suppose it isn't too bad.
I hope everyone is doing well - especially those who are recovering from surgery! You all look great :)