07 December 2011

time is flying by!

3 months in braces today! wowza. My appointment got moved from December 23rd to the 16th which i'm happy about, if there's going to be pain i'd rather it wasn't on Christmas day!
Hang in there everyone, remember this is just a small chapter in our lives :)


  1. Hey! I've just found your blog, and I love it..I'm having my surgery some time next year (maybe around December, although they're still being pretty vague with the exact time..) I'm really enjoying reading through all of your posts! I've thought of doing a blog but I gotta be honest, I'm kinda too self-conscious to post pics of my teeth at all, even tho braces have improved them a bit *sighs* I was looking at some of my mom's old photos recently and I couldn't find a single pic where I'm showing my teeth, everr lol.

    I think our surgeries will be similar. Many of the blogs I'm following are from ppl with underbites, but like you I have a shadow-casting overbite/overjet. It's a long road (I'm 24 now and started this process 3 years ago, but I couldn't get braces right away cuz I had a lot of other stuff that needed fixing first :/) but it's def worth it and your teeth already look sooo improved in just 3 months! :)

    Thx again for sharing..it means a lot. And I'm glad you're enjoying school so much..I graduated this spring and ahhh i miss it..it's a blast and time flies so enjoy every minute! x

  2. Hi Andrea! I really hope you start a blog, posting pictures is the worst bit for me but they really do show the progress, and if you change them to black and white you don't cringe so badly when you see them - I know to yourself your own teeth look absolutely horrendous :| I would love to see your journey and how you started the process etc, reading other people's blogs have really helped me understand what I'm going through. Also, if we have similar stories we can help each other more :) to be honest I still feel like a total newbie even though the braces have been on 3 months.
    Good luck and get yourself a blog! :) x