28 February 2013

waiting game

Saw my surgeon yesterday finaaaaaaaaalllly! 

Ahhhhhh it was an exciting appointment, seeing the guy who's gonna break your face apart and put it back together in the flesh is rather daunting! But he's a nice man. Between him and my ortho they've both decided that there's nothing else they can do until I have SURGERY!

Waaaaaaaahoooooooo :)

BUT - (there's always a but) - I've still got my god forsaken wisdom teeth and after I get them out (next month) i've got to wait a whole 6 months before I can have surgery so my bones heal. So surgery is most likely to be September or October time, meaning I'll miss some of my final year of uni and will probably have to spend my 21st birthday in November sober. That's if I can get fitted in before the end of the year (with my luck, not likely).

Also, the surgeon reckons I only need my bottom jaw advancing so it looks like single jaw surgery for me! I'm pleased about this part as it means less healing time and less lectures missed. He had a look at my jaws and said 'oh, you've got quite a small bottom jaw meaning it'll be easier to fracture' hahahah

Sorry this is quite an informal post but i'm in an informal mood :) Hope everyones doing well!

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  1. Best of luck for surgery! It's lovely when you feel like you're making actual progress with meetings and stuff! x