15 January 2014

Six weeks

(This was supposed to of published on the 10th! Stupid technology)

I went to my orthodontist yesterday and got the fabulous news that I don't need to wear elastics anymore :D he's really pleased with the way my bite is so I'm back to regular braces again!

I got a few brackets removed and replaced on the right side of my mouth - the brackets have been moved down in order to push the teeth up and make my gumline more straight. He also told me to keep building my chewing up :) I'm so happy! I'm not going back for six weeks so I hope everything holds up while I go back to university! I'm so excited to get my life back!

Before and after 

Biting down, relaxed lips - they still don't meet but they're definitely getting there

Went for a meal and drinks with my friends last night and had carbonara and cocktails! yum

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