22 October 2011

First ever adjustment!

So I had my first appointment since the braces went on! I got my wires changed for thicker ones (I heard her say '1-4' to her assistant) and apparently this is when the real test starts - if my brackets stay on this time they should be fine for the rest of my treatment, YAY! :)
As always, the bracket on my lower left incisor popped off when she was fitting the ligatures, so she roughened the surface of the tooth up to try and get it to stick better.
Before I left she got my molds out from before I had the braces, and I'm so so pleased to say I could see progress! The teeth on the top right are so much straighter already - I never thought it would happen that quickly!

Here's some comparison photos :)

Horrendous pre-braces photo...

After 45 days - look at those baby's on the left!!!! (my top right teeth)

On the photo above you can see that pesky incisor with a half-tied lig on.

Oh AND I now have bright pink ligatures! The whole colour choosing process gets me far too excited :') Next appointment is the 23rd December, Christmas Eve's Eve!


  1. Hi Beth! WOW! I see a lot of improvement in the alignment of your top teeth especially. That's so exciting!

  2. Beth, your progress is AMAZING!!! I can't believe how much they have moved in such a short time. Fantastic!

  3. Wow, you have come a long way in just a short time. You're gonna do great! I am 18 days away from surgery, so feel free to check my blog out!



  4. Thanks girls! Elizabeth i'll definitely be checking your blog out :)

  5. Isn't it amazing how quickly the teeth move! I can't believe it. You look great! It's such a relief when you can see it all starting to come together. It reassures you that it is all worth it! Looks great lady!