29 March 2012

adjustment number i've already lost count

So I had an adjustment today and a wire change, i'm on a 19-25 box wire now (no idea what this means) My ortho bent the top wire out of shape slightly before fitting it and she said this was because she wanted to keep a curve in my top arch as this will be corrected during surgery. This is the first time my surgery has actually been referred to since about December so I was relieved to hear i'm still on track for it (i'm not really one to ask a ton of questions). Pink ligs once again, they're my favourite :)

Before I left I was given a 'tooth mousse' by my OD.

Apparently research has shown this stuff is good for people with weak enamel like me, it contains a load of calcium and other stuff that should do good things for my teeth. I'm to use it every night after brushing with regular toothpaste and I just rub it across my teeth (or what I can get of them around the metal) with my finger.

It's white with a less tacky consistency than toothpaste and it tastes so nice, like strawberries. (HUGE bonus!)

Next appointment is the 31st May.


  1. Tooth mousse is a really great product! In the US it's called MI Paste. I use it myself just because I have braces now and a few decalcified spots from the last time having braces when I was a kid. The company claims it can do alot of things, but strengthening enamel is one of the best!

    I put a little on my toothbrush to get it around the brackets and use my finger for the tongue side of my teeth.

  2. Hi Beth, Glad things are progressing! Do you know when you'll be surgery ready? I know we got braces around the same time. I'm hoping for August.

    1. I've still got a full year to go before the surgery, probably because this is my first time around in braces. To be honest i'm not as bothered as I thought I would be, i'm totally used to the braces and these last 6 months have gone so fast! However I will be jealous when I see your new bite as yours is similar to mine!