27 May 2012

summer has arrived in the uk

My appointment got moved to last week and was pretty boring, no new wire. urgh I feel like my progress has slowed to a snails pace and I am not happy at all, the waiting game is starting to get pretty old. Next appointment is in August and apparently i'm getting some molds taken so the surgeon can see how i'm doing - i really really hope he says i'll be ready for this time next year! i'm at university going into my second year so the only time i can have the surgery is in the summer so i have enough time to heal etc.
However my mood has been improved by the amazing weather we've had in England - 20 degrees celcius here most days compared to the usual 10 :) hoping the summer flies over!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Beth, This whole process is definitely a test in patience. I know the feeling of getting excited and hopeful before an appointment... waiting for that new wire and then "everything looks good, let's keep this one on a bit longer".

    Glad you at least have nice weather:) Good luck!