10 September 2013


I have a date. I actually HAVE A DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In typical fashion though it's at the worst time... the day before my 21st birthday.

I got an out of the blue phone call yesterday morning from a nurse at the hospital saying the 29th November was my surgery date. She also explained that due to the waiting list if I don't take this date I have to wait until at least after the New Year and that it could be months away. I rang my mam and dad and they both think I should go for it. So thats what I'm doing!
I'm still in shock. I thought this thing would never get booked. I have an appointment with my ortho on Thursday so I'll write another post with dates of my PRE-SURGERY APPOINTMENTS!!!!!!!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel guys, just hang in there!

79 days until surgery!

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