02 November 2012

Referral Letter

Hey guys, before I post some photos (yes!) I thought I would share the letter written by my prosthodontic dentist to my orthodontist which started me on the braces/surgery journey. It might help some of you understand my condition better, although some of the terms I still don't really understand myself. I don't have a scanner so i've just typed it up.

Thanks for reading,


Dear Mr Chapple

I would be grateful if you would agree to see Beth with regards to providing her with an orthodontic opinion. Beth has been a long term patient of the Dental Hospital, suffering as she does from enamel hypoplasia. She has been under the care of Paula Waterhouse since 2002 and since becoming an adult has transferred to myself for her routine dental care. In addition to the enamel hypoplasia Beth also suffers from an anterior open bite and an irregularity in the maxillary incisal plane, which is unaesthetic. Beth seems to have a Class II Skeletal Base and would almost certainly require some extractions in order to resolve her orthodontic issues. She is having difficulty accessing the palatal aspect of the maxillary incisors due to the narrowness of the arch in this location.
She is clearly concerned about the aesthetics of her dentition and would welcome an opinion as to whether orthodontics would be feasible and be available within the Dental Hospital.

Thanking you in anticipation

Dr J Ellis

(sent 18/8/2010)

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  1. Hey there XD it must be weird now looking at this letter after a year of braces etc... it all looks soo much better now, that and your profile pic is epic :P