08 September 2011

All patched up :)

Feeling so much better than I did yesterday :) it's 11pm here now and nothing has come loose yet (touch wood!)
Went back to the dental hospital today and got 5 or 6 brackets replaced - I stuck to light blue ligs as they've only been on a day! It was an uncomfortable appointment with more pain than yesterday to be honest, I'm definitely not looking forward to my first adjustment.
I'm taking painkillers right now as my teeth are sore, but I don't really mind because it means something is happening in there! I can't wait to see progress, even if it is the tiniest bit of movement.
I'm also getting more used to my appearance as time goes on - I went out with two of my friends to cheer myself up earlier and I was self-conscious at first because they were the first people outside of my family to see me with braces, but after 10 minutes or so I had forgotten about them and was talking to my friends like normal :) yay!

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