07 September 2011

And so it begins...

They're on!
The appointment took about an hour. It wasn't painful at all, just uncomfortable - I wasn't a fan of the giant plastic device that felt like it was trying to rip my lips apart.

My orthodontist had a bit of trouble with 'lower 1' as she called it - the bracket popped off when she was fitting the ligatures, but she replaced it with no problems.
I went for light blue ligs (on Amanda's advice!) and I'm quite happy with them :) hopefully they'll distract from my yellow teeth.

My OD didn't seem too convinced that the brackets were going to stay put. I think she used a different primer to try and get them to stick better but we'll just have to wait and see! I asked how long she thought I would need braces before I get surgery and she said 18 months, which I was expecting.

Things keep popping and cracking inside my mouth and I jump every time I feel something - did anyone else feel this? I really hope nothing breaks off. Also, my mouth feels absolutely huge and I can't speak properly at all, I keep lisping.

All in all i'm just pleased the journey has begun. My next appointment is 21st October

I'll post more pictures tomorrow, I'm at my dad's at the minute and I don't have my camera with me!

EDIT: one of the brackets is wobbly already. It's been 4 hours.


  1. YAY! You look super cute!!! I forgot about the plastic thing. Yes, it totally killed my lips toward the end. I'm glad all your brackets are back in place. Isn't the whole thing just weird? I hope the braces will let you smile a bit more (especially w/the light blue!). Good luck on your move up to school and congrats on the start of your journey!

    P.S. My blogger feed didn't publish these posts until now:(

  2. Thanks Amanda! I'm on day 4 now and my lips are cut up and ulcered so badly :(