07 September 2011


So I was brushing my teeth tonight extra carefully due to the soreness that started a few hours ago and ANOTHER bracket is loose! I've had my braces on for nearly 12 hours and 2 brackets are already loose. Looks like i'm phoning the dental hospital tomorrow for an emergency appointment - I'm moving 150 miles away to university next Sunday and I need this fixed before I go.
It's just not fair. I didn't particularly want braces but I was willing to try them, at this point I'm willing to try ANYTHING to make my teeth look better.
My teeth give me serious confidence issues, like many other bloggers going through this process. I'm conscious of opening my mouth in front of anyone. I haven't smiled with my teeth since I was about 5. I can't eat anything hard/chewy/sticky in fear that I'll lose a tooth.
I'm not complaining about having braces at all, I just wish that they'd stay in place like they would do for anyone with normal, enamel coated teeth. If the braces don't work I have no idea what plan B is, but at the moment I haven't got a good feeling about them sticking like they should.

It just isn't fair.

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