11 September 2011

Things i've learned after 4 days in braces

1. My teeth are SO SORE in the morning!
Seriously. The pain actually wakes me up in the morning it's that bad. Not fun.

2. Eating is HARD
Due to number 1 my teeth are still only nice to soft food. I would kill for a McD's right now but I can't get one because a) even the phrase 'bite into a burger' makes my teeth scream in pain b) 90% of it will probably end up on my teeth and c) it would take me about 2 hours to eat it.

3. Bonjela becomes your new best friend
Ok, so this only really started yesterday but ULCERS!!!! Oh my goodness! The wax isn't even doing anything anymore which means hello more pain. When I smile/laugh the braces catch on the corners of my mouth so I have two matching ones there, and a huge one on my bottom lip. Nice.

4. Brushing is a pain
Takes me twice as long as it used to, and now it also brings more pain (see 3)

and after all that ranting...

5. It isn't as bad as you think
Because sore teeth = movement, the ulcers will disappear in a day or two, its better to have a clean mouth than to have bits of food stuck in your teeth and who needs to eat anyway?


  1. I hear you sistaa!! ha:) don't worry you will be used to them before you know it, they start to become a part of you rather than feeling like such a foriegn object in your mouth! xoxox

  2. I can't wait for them to start feeling a part of me instead of separate, i'm slowly getting there :) xx