03 December 2013

Days 1-3 post-op and MY 21ST

Following from my last post, my night in HDU wasn't the best sleep i've ever had. I was given morphine and a pain button so I could self-administer and I woke up every single hour of the night. My pain wasn't too bad but the morphine helped me drift back off to sleep so I kept using it.

When I woke up properly at about 6am I remembered it was my birthday! So when my mam and auntie came to visit at 11am the nurses came over with a cake and sang Happy Birthday to me!

The nurses in this unit were the best. As soon as I woke up they asked me if I wanted to try and sit up which I definitely took advantage of. The only thing they took out was my catheter so I was still wired up to morphine, saline, heart monitor etc (hence the wires).

After this photo I was asked if I wanted to try and eat something and since I didn't have elastic bands on at this point I enjoyed chopped up lasagne and I EVEN ATE SOME BIRTHDAY CAKE! That was a proud moment for me. I was transferred back to the ward at 3pm where I opened my presents and cards from family.

Days 2 and 3 were basically the same with limited mouth movement and a lot of painkillers. My surgeon came to see me yesterday morning to check all was well - apart from my 'rubber bones' the only issue is my second molar on the left hand side hasn't got much support from the jaw anymore so I might lose that but everything else went well. The bands went on on day 2 and I have NOT been enjoying those, but I've been preserving with a plastic spoon and mushed up anything food wide because I think I might throw up if I have any more soup! Other than that I've been trying to stay hydrated and positive which is hard when even the smallest actions tire you out.

Some photos to recap:
Just after I got my elastics - this was day 2 I think

Side view and NO OVERBITE!

Day 3 smile attempt!

I am like a human pin cushion after my stay in hospital :(

Day 3 - relaxed face and lopsided mouth! 

I came home last night which was a godsend but more about day 4 (today) later :) I'm getting there!

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  1. You look great!! Congrats and happy birthday!!! Now is the easy part - just waiting out the next month or so and you will feel more and more normal. yay!