04 December 2013

Days 4&5: Frustration

After getting home on Monday I was looking forward to relaxing and trying to recover. Things have been frustrating and I've had a few crying bouts (typical girl). I've categorised things to make it easier and this will probably be my blog format for a while:


I officially hate food. Mealtimes require all my energy and I'm sick of looking at mushed up crap. I want pizza. I want a steak. I don't weight myself often but I think I've lost about 5 pounds already. I know I need to seriously up my intake but it's too much effort


Getting better. I slept through till 4 this morning and had to take some codeine when I woke up, then I feel asleep again until 9am. However, the smallest tasks feel like total exertion and this is probably down to my lack of nutrition at the minute


Currently I'm taking 20ml of paracetamol and ibuprofen every 4 hours (through a syringe) and 10ml of antibiotics morning noon and night. I also have codeine for when the pain is particularly bad but I haven't had to use much of that yet


It's been on and off. I'm definitely getting more pain in the left side of my face and when it starts it's horrendous, running from my ear all the way down. It also hurts on that side when I swallow. My right side feels more stiff though, especially when I open my mouth


I have zero feeling in my bottom lip and most of my chin. However the middle of my chin is rather tingly so that's a very good sign! The tip of my tongue is also numb.

And that's everything. I think a stitch came out when I was doing my hygiene routine this morning but there was no bleeding so I'll take it as a good sign. I'm going to see both my surgeon and orthodontist tomorrow so I'll have a better idea of timescales and things. I just hope the time goes quickly because I WANT TO EAT

 Day 4

Day 5

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  1. You look so great already! Hope eating gets easier for you soon!