06 December 2013

Days 6/7: Appointments

I am one week post-op! Hurrah for me!

I feel a lot better than I did on Wednesday regarding both my jaw and how I feel in myself. Saw both my surgeon and ortho yesterday and they are very pleased with how I'm doing! My ortho even said I'm the 'poster girl' for amelogenesis, ha!

I also got to see my X-Ray! I have one metal plate on each side of my face held in with two screws. Sadly I have to request for a copy of them so I will post those as soon as I get my hands on them.

Another interesting fact - when the surgeon tried to break my jaw it sort of 'bounced back' due to my elastic bones and instead he had to tap the sections of bone out bit by bit!


Still on soup. Luckily for me my mam took the week off to keep and eye on me which means she has time to make her own soup - I had butternut squash for lunch today :) she is also making me milkshakes with ice cream in which are delicious!


I woke up about 3am Thursday morning with really bad stomach pains. Woke my dad up because I was quite worried about it but he thinks it's because I've been taking a lot of medication on little food. Thank god the pain lasted 10 mins and was gone again! Last night I woke up briefly and fell asleep again. Still waiting for a full nights sleep!


Still on all the same as my last post however I have upgraded my paracetamol to tablet form! Wahoo!


Definitely going down. I took some meds at 8am this morning then didn't need any more until 3pm :)


I have major tingles in the middle of my chin as I type this. I also get the sensation of something hot running from the left side of my lip now and again. Lips still completely numb.

I also got my elastic bands changed on Thursday which meant I was able to give my teeth a proper brush. It was heavenly! I'm seeing my orthodontist weekly for the next month now to try and get my bite to stay where it's supposed to. Apparently my midlines are 1/2 a mm out on the bottom but he said he can work with it :) 

 Day 6

Day 7 - I am slowly getting a chin back!


  1. Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but how much did they move you forward? I am having about the exact same surgery. Was the puking blood part as freaky as I have made it to be in my head? Being wired and vomiting is the scariest part for me.

  2. Hi Julie, I actually forgot to ask last week but i'm seeing my surgeon again on the 17th so i'll find out. Good luck! It's definitely worth it :) To be honest I was so drugged up I didn't really care or notice much - but I wasn't actually wired shut when it happened so it wasn't as bad.

  3. I am pretty sure I'll be wired before I even wake up so that is why I wondered! :-)
    Your results are looking great already! Take good care of yourself!