19 December 2013

Day 20

Some stuff to report in the last 10 days:

  • I am now changing my elastics myself - the ortho said once a day but i'm doing it twice (i.e. when I brush my teeth). I wear one on the right side and 2 on the left during the day/3 at night. I'm just using a pair of tweezers to hook them on and its become easier the more I do it
  • Saw my surgeon yesterday and i'm not allowed out on New Years Eve in case I get my face hit :( I suppose I was being rather optimistic as i'll only be a month post op then - but i'm a party girl and I'm really starting to miss going out! I can drink just not head to a crowded club, which makes sense. On the plus side i'm saving money by not spending it on alcohol (ha)
  • He also didn't give me a straight answer about when I could start going out (drinking) again, and just said it takes 3 months before you can do contact sports again. Hmm.
  • I think most of the 'surgery' swelling has gone now but I definitely still have some residual swelling there.

And the rest...


No changes - i'm still on soft food. Was supposed to ask my surgeon yesterday when I can start chewing again but I was too distraught about not being able to go out! I'll be asking my orthodontist tomorrow.


I don't need to update on my sleeping anymore as its completely back to normal :)


Again, no more updates on this section as I am medication free! I take two ibuprofen if i'm in pain (rarely)


Before I fell asleep last night my lower lip was tingling for the first time! I was so excited. I still can't feel my upper chin/bottom lip but i'm used to it now. I have tingling/burning sensations around the numb areas 24/7 which is promising. I can also feel the surgical hooks digging into my bottom lip again so the wax is back on which makes my lip look way fatter than it is

And just a quick question: if you're post-op when did you start exercising again? I'll probably leave it until I go back to uni (when I'll be 5 weeks after) and i'm hoping to get back to the gym. Thanks :)

Day 0/Day 2/Day 7/Day 14

Day 19 (in my dressing gown AGAIN)


  1. Hi beth,

    Good to see you doing so well! That burning tingling sentation is horrible isnt it! but like you said its a good sign so worth it really.

    I started going for walks about 2-3 weeks after and went back to the gym 5 weeks after. The most difficult thing for em is your breathing, trying to get that under control while being banded is difficult so I took it easy on the cardio and weight front, nothing to crazy because it is so difficult to gym/exercise breathe with your mouth shut!

    Hope you have a good christmas!

  2. As of today I'm not actually banded anymore! And yes the burning feeling is not pleasant at all!