09 December 2013

Days 8-10

The last few days I've been feeling more and more like myself. I can taste the normality! Swelling is still going down daily which I LOVE - I get a new face every day! 


Now I just ask my mam or dad to blend whatever they're eating. It always looks gross but tastes yummy. For example, I've been eating curries and casseroles that have been stuck in the food processor. This makes me feel more normal as I'm eating exactly what my family are :) 


I AM SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! I've slept all the way through for about 3 nights now. I find I'm a lot more 'awake' when I wake up (if you get my drift) and I have more energy though the day.


Today is my last day of antibiotics. I'm still taking 10ml of ibuprofen and 2 paracetamols morning and night.


My mouth gets tired if I talk too much. It also feels pretty achey by the end of the day which is why I'm still taking meds before I sleep. I'm still waking up in pain in the morning but it's very tolerable.

Numbness: I think my chin is slightly less numb? It seems to be gaining more sensation in the left side first (incidentally the least swollen side)

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

I took some better photos today as I'm actually making the effort to look presentable again. I'll post before and after comparisons soon!


  1. Your looking great Beth! Go you for having blended food. I just couldn't do it, and lived very miserably off complan and fortisip!

    How are you finding talking? I found that by the end of the day i was really tired and people couldn't understand me as well, which frustrated me no end. But I was much more understandable than I thought I would be. x

    1. Hi Natasha :) To be honest my talking is no issue now but that could be because I only had one jaw done!